Fleur et Bonbon

My name is Gabrielle Imbault. I am a yarn dyer and a knitting pattern designer, from Montreal. Ever since my childhood, I have been attracted by creation of clothes. I love colors, fibers, textures and the infinite possibilities offered by fabrics and yarns. I have created and sewed clothes since then. I started knitting more consistently a few years ago. I am addicted now and projects are running through my head! I share them with you here. I hope you will enjoy them!

Why Fleur et Bonbon (Flower and Candy)? Simple… Among the two things that I love the most! And let’s not forget the cat… I love growing flowers, and also taking photos of them. In Montreal, we are lucky to have a beautiful botanical garden, where I spend a lot of time in the spring and summer. It hides splendid beauties especially in May. Azaleas and rhododendrons, lilacs and magnolias are breathtaking while the rest of the city is barely out of the gray of winter. And what about my taste for sugar, which has never faded with age! My favorites: gummies, and also chocolate…